Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You Know its Spring in Boston when....

View of Fenway Park from the Green Monster

You know it's spring in Boston when the lights at Fenway Park turn on. The Fenway faithful fill the park and the Red Sox drama begins. Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in America and people travel near and far to just gaze upon its historic field. The greatest baseball players have played here and some of the most notorious games have also taken place here. 

View of the field from the bleachers
Fenway Park is actually pretty affordable for someone on a budget. During the day an hour long guided tour is offered for less than $20. If you have a ticket to the game you should try to go early because you basically have unlimited access to anywhere in the park for batting practice. You can go on the Green Monster, hang out right behind home plate, chill by Pesky's Pole and harasses the visiting pitchers by the bull pen. 

Batting practice seen from the Green Monster. Great place to catch some well hit balls 
Don't believe the rumors about tickets being hard to get. Standing room, bleachers and grandstand are always available. The standing room tickets are pretty cool. You have access to walk around the grandstand level and mingle with all sorts of fans. The grandstands are pretty nice too, especially on hot summer days because you are in the shade. Now bleachers are the cheapest and the seats are truly the most entertaining.  I guarantee you will see many drunk fans with wicked bad Boston accents yelling, getting kicked out and giving hell to Yankee fans. This is where the "blue collar" fans sit and it's my favorite spot to watch a Yankee game. 

Yes, beer and food is ridiculously expensive here and thats why I try not to buy any. Some ball parks are surrounded by parking lots, but not Fenway. Bars, and restaurants are all right outside and they offer some really cheap deals. I would recommend you don't drive and park by Fenway, parking can be up to $50 some days. If you are down to walk a little there are free parking garages not to far and some garages near Boston University are as cheap as $10. Boston also has great transportation, so try to take a cab or the T to Fenway. The Green Line on the T has two stops that are both about a 5-10 minute walk to the park. 

Hope to see some of my readers at Fenway this year cheering on the sox! If you have any more questions about Fenway Park just leave a comment or get at me on twitter