Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Best Pizza in Maui

Located on the Hana Highway in Paia is the home of the islands best flatbread pizza. Once you walk through the doors of Flatbread Company you know you are in for a treat. The restaurant has a very homey, laid back vibe but they take their pizza very serious. I know if you read some reviews about the Paia location, customers have complained that it is always crowed. I found that not to be true when I went. I walked in with 3 other people and a toddler and we were seated right away. The staff was nice and took time explaining the menu to us first timers.

The pizza is truly the best. They offer a wide variety of pizza, and the prices aren't bad either. My friends and I did a half and half. We got half Coevolution and half Mopsy's Kalua Pork. I really can't even tell you which one I like better because they were both so fresh and delicious.

If you find yourself in Paia and you are looking for a place to chill and eat, Flatbread Company is the place for you. However, if this post just made you incredible hungry and you are not in Maui, there are several locations on the mainland. Most of them are in New England and one is in British Columbia.

89 Hana Hwy
Paia, HI 

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