Monday, March 25, 2013

10 most Beautiful Black Beaches in the World

1. Vik Beach, Iceland 

Vik Beach is located in the Southern part of Iceland. The black sand comes from volcanic origins and this area is know to be the wettest spot in Iceland. Sunny days are rare so if you decided to check this beach out bring an umbrella. 

2. Playa Negra Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

A remote beach that requires a hike through a dry river bed to gain access. I guarantee nobody else will be at the beach, except for a few wild horses. Only a portion of this beach has black sand but it is still a sight to see. 

3. One'uli Black Sand Beach, Maui, Hawaii

One'uli Black Sand Beach is an amazing beach for snorkeling and diving, but not the best for swimming. Coral reefs are abundant here and you will not go 10 minutes without seeing Green Sea Turtles. 

4. Playa Hermosa Beach, Costa Rico

Playa Hermosa Beach (Jaco) is a beautiful black sand beach that is ideal for surfers. The waves are big and rough so it is not the best swimming beach but it is fun to sit back and watch the surfers charge at the waves.

5. Black Sand Beach, Prince William Sound, Alaska

This beach is located about 60 miles from Anchorage. The water is a beautiful and freezing icy blue color. Although its not a swimmers beach people still flock here to go kayaking. If you go kayaking you will truly see some amazing views of the mountains and Alaska's wildlife. 

6.  Santo Domingo Beach, Albay, Philippines 

The sand at this beach is as black as black can get. The contrast of the black sand and the blue water really makes for a memorable time. The swimming is actually pretty good here unlike most black sand beaches. 

7.  Kamari Beach, Greece

Hotels, bars, and water activities line this beach. It can get a little crowed though. You can swim, snorkel or do a number of other water related activities here. 

8. Piha Beach, New Zealand

Piha Beach is know as surf spot for locals but people can swim here too. Just be careful because the current is extremely strong. A hike up Lion Rock is a must do according to locals.

9. Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia

This has to be one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. Swimming in the crystal clear water is also a must do!

10. Lost Coast, California

True to it's name, this beach is very remote and quiet. This truly is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the United States. There are no major highways nearby and the only way to get here is by hidden mountain roads. If you can find the Lost Coast you have to go there!

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