Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Week From Hell

I'd like to think I have a lot of loyal readers and I would like to think that the many loyal readers were bummed that I haven't posted anything new in a while. The reason for the lack of activity on my blog is because I live 20 mins away from the terrorist attacks that rocked the Boston Marathon. I have a couple of friends that cheated death by just a few minutes that day and I have a few friends that witnessed things they should never have seen. Then on Thursday night I heard about the shooting of the young MIT officer and decided to get the real story by listening to the scanner of the Boston Police Depart. When I heard the suspects were in Watertown and engaged in a shootout, I immediately panicked because my Grandparents live there. I never felt true fear until that night. I live 15 mins from Watertown and my Grandparents only lived just a few streets over from where suspect 2 was found hiding in the boat. What happened on Monday and manhunt that ensued forever changed the people of Massachusetts. It made us better, stronger and more appreciative of the way we live our every day lives. Fear has left me and pride has taken over. I have never been more proud to say that I am from the great state of Massachusetts and in the words of Big Papi "This is my fucking city and no one will dictate my freedom!"