Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Good Views, Good Wine, Good Times

If you are from the North East and love to gamble than you have probably ventured over to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. But I guarantee very few people have visited Stonington Vineyard just a few miles away from Foxwoods.

Wine tasting at Stonington Vineyards
Stonington Vineyards is a small yet elegant family owned vineyard. They have tours available and I recommend doing the tour to appreciate this families hard work. If tours aren't your thing don't worry it only last about 10 mins. Then it's on to the fun part.......Wine Tasting!!

Honestly, I've done my fair share of wine tasting but this is the only place where I loved every wine I consumed. The staff is extremely friendly and are pretty generous with the wine. I went last year in May with three other friends and we ended up spending four hours sitting on the patio drinking, enjoying the views and having a good time.

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Stonington Vineyards
523 Taugwonk Rd
Stonington CT 06378