Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fire, Nudity, and Drums in Maui

If you go to Hawaii, the best thing to do is befriend a local. They really let you in on some of the best secrets of the islands. My neighbor in Lahaina told us about Little Beach and the drum circle that occurs on Sunday nights. Of course I had to check it out and all I can say is that it was one hell of a time. 

Drum Circle at Little Beach 

Little Beach is adjacent to Big Beach aka Makena Beach. To get to Little Beach you have to climb a somewhat strenuous hill, but once you get there you'll forget about the climb. Little Beach is know as a nudist beach so if you are uncomfortable seeing people walking around in their birthday suits, this is not the beach for you. Also if you are not comfortable around a lot of weed, then I would also skip this beach. The hippest of hippies come fully stocked with bags of weed and rolling papers, so prepare to get your smoke on.  

The party really gets started at sunset, and thats when the fire dancers come out. They put on an amazing show, it's not to be missed. It doesn't really matter if you are a local or a tourist, just come with an open mind and you'll fit right in. Just make sure you bring a flashlight for your walk back to your car.  This is truly a unique experience and a must do if you are ever in Maui. Mahalo!!

More info about Little Beach here