Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cape Cod 2013 - Day 7 & 8

The final days of my Cape-cation have arrived.  To recap, I spent days 1-5 drinking heavily. I lost my morals and dignity sometime between day 1 & 2, but found them again on day 4 only to lose them on the ferry back from Martha's Vineyard. Day 7 at the Cape was forecasted to be a beautiful day but it decided to rain and not stop for 10 hrs. There wasn't much to do so we did the unthinkable and got drunk and watch the hilarious Naked Gun movies.  I made up a new drink I have dubbed the "Cape Breeze" It is Bacardi Rum (lots of it), Pineapple juice, and a splash of Malibu Rum. It taste like a vacation in your mouth. You must try it out.

Enjoying my Cape Breeze
So we watched all the naked gun movies and we were all pretty drunk. By this point you should know that my friend Ryan is the resident drunk. He loves his alcohol but he reaches a point were it hits him and it hits him hard. Drunk Ryan began to experiment in the kitchen area with ways to make a mudslide, the catch is we didn't have any of the liquors that were needed. However, Ryan made one anyway and this is a result, be sure to notice whats sticking out of it.

Ryan's "mudslide" with a hot dog used to stir it because we ran out of spoons.
After drinking that Ryan passed out on the floor only to wake up confused 20 mins later.

A successful week at the Cape
After drinking our selfs stupid we went to bed and planned on waking up early to clean the house and go to the beach one last time.

We woke up very early on our last day. We had to clean the house, get rid of all our empty alcohol bottles and we had to pack. After we cleaned and pack we headed back to Craigville Beach to soak up the sun one last time. The beach was very busy because it was a Saturday so we got a spot all the way in the back, which was perfect for people watching. Just as we were about to leave the beach and make the journey back home, we heard the sound of helicopters approaching. From a distant it look like Craigville beach was about to be under attack but as the helicopters got closer we saw that they were military helicopters heading to Martha's Vineyard. It took us a while to figure out what this was all about, but finally I remembered hearing that President Obama was going to go on Vacation in Vineyard that week. 

President Obama flying over Craigville Beach on route to the Vineyard
After texting everyone we knew about this awesome fly over, my sister and I said our good-byes and left the cape. It was a hell of a week that I will never forget. Good friends, good drinks and good times!

Of course whats a vacation with out this song!!!