Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cape Cod 2013 - Day 5 Part 1

My alarm went off at 8 am. My friends and I had to rush out of the house to catch the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.  The ferry was to leave Hyannis at 10 am and it was a good thing to get there early because the ticket lines where annoyingly long.

Ferry to the Vineyard
Around 9:30 we got on the boat and started the hour long journey to the Vineyard. The boys (Erik, Ryan and Chris) immediately made there way down to the bar and my sister and I met them there shortly after. Since it was only 10 am I decided not to look that much like an alcoholic and just got a Bloody Mary. Now I nursed my Bloody Mary the entire way to the Vineyard, however my sister lapped me... three times. Its safe to say that Kelly and my friend Ryan were both drunk before we got to the island.

First order of business once we got on the Vineyard was to get some food in our stomaches. We headed to the Lookout Tavern for lunch based on a recommendation from some locals. The two drunks in our group decided to get the smallest lunch; Sashimi.

The two drunks enjoying their small lunch
I got a chicken dish that had to weigh about 5 lbs and was fairly cheap. The food and drinks were excellent and I would recommend you check out The Lookout Tavern if you ever visit the Vineyard.

A beautiful park next to the Lookout Tavern
After lunch my sister was eager to see the famous gingerbread cottages on the island. Chris told us he knew the way, so we rightfully followed him. He took us through a beautiful park and into to several random neighborhoods. After 10 mins of walking in circles we started a mutiny against Chris and Ryan took over as the tour guide. Ryan successfully lead us in the right direction and Kelly finally got to see the house. Below are some of the cottages we saw that day.

Part 2 Coming Out Soon!!

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