Friday, August 23, 2013

Cape Cod 2013 Day 3

The weekend was over and most of our friends went home Sunday night. Monday morning started off like Saturday and Sunday morning. Chris made every one an amazing breakfast and then we all headed to Craigville Beach again. Stella and Joe wanted to go back to the beach because they had to leave that afternoon.

Craigville Beach was once again beautiful. The sky was voided of clouds and thankfully there were no jellyfishes this time. Chris had his friend Molly and her adorable 3 year daughter come down for the day. Around 2 o'clock Stella an Joe left to go back home and now it was just Kelly, Erik, Ryan, Chris, Jen, Steve and myself hanging at the beach. Soon after Stella and Joe left, the snobby girls from Sunday night joined us. They were more social this time and they really warmed up to us after Steve apologized for his antics the night before. Now keep in mind that both of these snobby girls were killing vodka at the beach and the result of drinking vodka since 2pm takes it toll on them later on.

So we get home from the beach, we all shower and get ready to go out. Molly and her kid left to go back home so it was just our group minus the snobby girls who wanted to do their own thing for dinner. Chris suggested we go to Baxter's Boathouse restaurant in Hyannis. Baxter appeared to be a good idea but we left the house at 8:30 and didn't realize it closed at 9. When we walked in, our IDs were immediately check and then we were told to go all the way to the back deck. Apparently the back is a serve yourself and no one in our group wanted that. We left and headed down main street to see what was around.

Finally around 9:30ish we decided on a restaurant called Prova Brazil. Now my friends and I come from Framingham, Mass and it has a large Brazilian population, so we know and love our Brazilian food. However, when I received my menu I was shocked to see all the name of the dishes in Italian. I guess its a Brazilian and Italian restaurant but not so much Brazilian and a whole lot of Italian. Minus the no Brazilian aspect of this Brazilian restaurant, my food was amazing and I destroyed it in record time.

I'm pretty sure Steve humped that bull on the way out
After dinner we walked down main street trying to find a busy bar. It's amazing how dead Hyannis is during the week compared to craziness of the weekend. We walked passed an empty BBC (british beer company), a boring irish pub and finally found a slightly busy bar called Embargo. Embargo was pretty cool, they had a live band that refused to play anything Journey no matter how loud Steve yelled out "JOURNEY!!". After several strong drinks and finding out our bartender went to college in Framingham (small world) we decided to head back to our cape house and continue drinking there.

Things got a little crazy when we got back to the house. 
Back at our cape house we continued to drink and play drinking games when our front door flew open and two drunk girls stumble in. It took us a while to figure out who they were, but when we did we couldn't stop laughing at these hot messes. It was the two snobby girls from Sunday night and the beach. I guess they went to Trader Ed's and like everybody on Saturday night, they too got fucked up. Between the hiccups and chocking back vomit the girls told us how they hopped on these two random guys motorcycle and took a ride around the Cape. When the guys finally dropped the girls off at their own cape house, they were both too drunk to put the key in the hole and couldn't figure out how to open the door. I'm not sure how they got to our cape house (I really hope they didn't drive) but I definitely do prefer the snobby drunk girls over the snobby sober girls.

Everyone passed out around 2 am but Steve and I. I am typically a night owl so it was nice to have someone stay up with me for a change. Steve and I decided to watch The Patriot (one of the few dvds in the house) and made up a drinking game to go along with it.

1. Drink whenever someone speaks in a British accent.
2. Drink whenever someone speaks in a southern accent
3. Drink when someone gets killed. 
4. Drink whenever Heath Ledger appears on screen. 

So yeah by the time 5 am rolled around I was shit faced. One could even mistake me for being mentally retarded because I couldn't put a sentence together. And with that I give you day 3 of cape-cation!! Stay tuned for Day 4.