Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cape Cod 2013 Day 4


It was Day 4 on the Cape and the copious amounts of alcohol has finally taken it toll on me. I woke up still drunk and was not able to go to the beach with everyone. As a result, I missed saying good bye to my friends Jen and Steve. The gang went to Craigville Beach again, and I nursed my hangover at the Cape house.

Around 4 o'clock my friends came back to the beach and our final guest Christina arrived. Christina was Erik and Ryan's friend from College and she came down to stay from Tuesday (day 4) to Friday. We all decided that we wanted to get out of Hyannis and explore more of the Cape, so we headed up towards Wellfleet. 

Wellfleet is about 15 mins away from the tip of the Cape and the only reason we went up that far was because of The Beach Comber. This bar is on a sandy cliff above a beautiful beach and Tuesday night is reggae night. Us girls got in one car, the boys got in the other and we headed down Rt. 6 to Wellfleet. About 25 minutes into the car ride we get a call from Chris telling us that he wants to stop at this beach and take a picture of the sunset. This beach apparently has the best sunset in all of New England.

I follow the boys through twist and turns down a residential road and eventually come to a sandy parking lot at the end of Thumpertown Rd in Eastham. Chris was right, the sunset was gorgeous and reminded me of a Hawaiian sunset. As the sun slowly made its way down to the horizon line, more and more people began to show up to watch nature at it's best. 

Thumpertown Beach Sunset. Eastham, MA

Chris captured an amazing picture of us. Right to left - Kelly, Ryan Erik, Myself and Christina
After the sun finally set, we got back in our cars and continued over to Beach Comber in Wellfleet. The place was busy for dinner but the wait for our party of 6 only took 20 minutes.  This place has a laid back vibe to it. The food was amazing and the drinks were equally as good. The signature drink there was the Goombay Smash that truly does leave you smashed after two drinks.

The group minus Chris (he was taking the pic) at Beach Comber!
Around 10 pm Reggae night started and the place got packed. Out of nowhere, surfers, beach bums and every pot head on the Cape seemed to be there. I was disappointed that Reggae night was done by a DJ called DJ Bud E Green and not a live act. They have an inside and outside bar and we mainly hung out at the outside one. 

About an hour into Reggae night my sister Kelly gets cold and for whatever reason needs me to walk with her to the car to get her sweatshirt. Upon returning to the bar we were stopped and ask to pay the $10 non local cover charge. I guess if you eat dinner there, then hang out for an additional 2 hours and then run out to get a sweatshirt they can charge you......yeah complete bullshit! They even made up some dumb-ass excuse that they come around and collect the cover from their bar patrons (yeah never happened that night). I was pissed that my sister who made me come out with her conveniently didn't have cash on her so it cost me $20 to walk to a car and back. After that bullshit I go to the outside bar and try to order a drink and the bartender makes it obviously that he is going to serve the locals first and then the tourists. These two experiences ruined this bar for me. It is a tourist trap that rips off people and favors the locals. The staff is rude, the place is filthy and I would recommend that you never waste your time here. 

What began as an amazing night was ruined by this bar. We left soon after the shitty cover charge incident and made the 45 min ride back to Hyannis. It was an early night for us because Wednesday was Martha's Vineyard day and that my friends was one of the top days of my vacation.