Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cushing Memorial Park

I live in the town of Framingham, which is situated about 20 mins from Boston. Framingham has it's low points and it's high points. One of those high points is Cushing Memorial Park located at 100 Dudley Rd in South Framingham. This is a clean, safe, and beautiful park.

A pathway on the Winter Street side
You can park on the Dudley Rd side next to the chapel or park by Keefe Tech on Winter Street. I always park at the Winter Street parking lot because it is never busy and there is always plenty of parking spots.

My dog Petey enjoying a stroll in the park. All dogs must be leashed!
The park itself has a small playground for the kids, paved paths (1 mile loop with markers) and there is plenty of open space for a pick up game with friends (soccer, baseball, frisbee, etc.) Water bubblers are available to the public, and doggie bags are next to just about every trash can (I always bring my own just in case they run out). I love to take my dog to this park because they strongly enforce that all dogs must be on a leash. For this reason alone I prefer Cushing Park over Callahan State Park because it is much safer for my dog.

The Chapel on the Dudley Rd side
This park isn't just your run of the mill park. A beautiful chapel sits on the ground near the Dudley Rd side. You can rent it out for weddings or other special occasions. A little bit further down from the chapel is the "Living 9/11 Memorial". On that horrible day 17 people with ties to Framingham lost their lives.
A far away shot of the trees planted for the 9/11 victims.  My dog insisted on going the opposite way because there was a Jack Russell he needed to greet!

The park is open from sun rise to sun set. It is a great place to bring the kids or your dogs. Hope to see you there!!