Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Scariest Mountain Trail In The World

I'm sure there is alot of you out there that thinks you hiked or walked a scary trail. Was the trail to steep? Was it too close to the edge? Well, in China there is a Mountain trail that the Cheap Adventurer is labeling it the "Scariest Mountain Trail in the World"

Mt. Huashan cliffside trail looks like a cruel joke, but in fact it is fairly popular amongst adventurers. I have never done this but I stumbled upon a video today and had to share this with you guys. I could post pictures of the trail but it does not do justice to how truly scary this looks. So i figured I would share a couple videos with you.

Below is a video of a man walking the trail WITHOUT a harness. It is also a video of a man who has biggest balls on this planets.

This is a longer video of the trail. It shows a little bit more than the above video. These kids DO use a harness.

So, after viewing these videos would any of you guys do this?