Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Message To Bostonians

July 4th is always a big holiday, especially for the people of Boston. Some people head down to the cape, some stay local and a lot of people go into Boston to see the famous firework show. This year is a special year though. 

A few months back two cowards bomb another big day in Boston, the Boston Marathon. Through intense interrogation the surviving suspect has told authorities that they originally planned to bomb the Boston Pops July 4th concert. So this year things are going to be a little intense at the concert. Lines will be long, bags will be check and police will be everywhere. So please be patience if you are going into to Boston and remember that those cops are just doing their job to protect you. 

I hope so many people venture into Boston on the 4th to show the nation and the coward that Bostonians are not afraid. This years 4th has a lot more meaning to it and I hope it's the best Boston Pops ever!! Hope to see everyone there!