Sunday, March 10, 2013

Believe in Belize

Belize is a beautiful but often overlooked country in Central America. It has so much to offer. If you love the water, Belize is the place to visit. If you love the jungle, Belize is the place for you. There is something for everyone in Belize.

If you want to experience Belize in the raw, then you need to book your stay at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge. Lower Dover is located in the Cayo district and as the website says, it is "the perfect getaway for adventure travelers wanting to experience the vanishing natural world".
Cabanas in Lower Dover 
Lower Dover offers many options for rooms. They range from a romantic honeymoon cabana, private cabanas to a bunkhouse. You can find out more about the type of rooms and their rates here.  The bunkhouse at this site is a great deal for its location. The bunkhouse has a hostel vibe too it and it is only $15 for a bed. 

Interior of the Bunkhouse
You don't even have to go far to have fun because there is so much to do and see when you enter Lower Dover. Activities range from bird watching, nature trails, swimming in the near-by creek and star gazing at the beautiful night sky.  If you want to dishes out some money, Lower Dover offers many tours to Mayan Ruins, Cave Canoeing, and zip lining. 

Lower Dover also offers a Mountain Pine Ridge tour that is truly worth the $75. The tour takes you through Mayan villages, to the Rio Frio Cave, Rio On pools and the amazing 80 ft Big Rock Waterfall. More info on the Mountain Pine Ridge tour can be found here
Big Rock Water Fall
If you plan a trip to Belize do yourself a favor and book a stay at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge, you won't be disappointed.