Monday, May 20, 2013

50 State Challenge - COLORADO

Colorado is such a beauty of a state. There is so much to do that it's hard to pick just one thing to talk about. I decide to pick something that truly represents the people of Colorado. Colorado is literally littered with amazing bike paths and it is also literally littered with bars and breweries. So what better thing to write about than a Beer & Bike Tour!

Catch a ride on the party bike

A friend of mine went to Boulder, Colorado a few weeks ago to visit some friends. She told me of all the fun stories of her time in Boulder but one story in particular stuck out. I was intrigued and jealous to hear about her time spent on a party bike, drinking and riding from bar to bar. I asked her what company she went through and she sent me to a website called 

As the website states Myhandlebar is a "giant 16 passenger bar bike with several pedaling seats in an awesome Eco-friendly way to cruise around Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins with friends or crawl from pub to pub". 

  • Choose up to five bars for each tour
  • All routes begin and end at 2206 Pearl Street in downtown Boulder.
More info about the Boulder Tour here

  • The newest edition to MyHandleBars!!
  • Currently taking reservations
  • Partnered with Jose Muldoons offering Thirsty Thursday specials ($2 margaritas $1 coronitas) everyday for riders
  • Can choose up to 5 bars
  • Route starts at Pateros Creek Brewery @ 2 N. College Ave.
More info here

So far, so good, right? If you've liked what you've read, you probably do not think this could get any better. WRONG! The cherry on top here is the pricing. This is totally affordable for you and your friends and all pricing can be found here. I don't know about you guys but the next time I am in Colorado I am definitely booking a ride with!!