Thursday, May 16, 2013

50 State Challenge - CALIFORNIA

What can I say about California that you don't already know? Everyone knows about Hollywood, L.A., San Fransico, Redwood forest, etc. I'm hoping that today when you read my blog you find out something about California that you had no idea about. So, with that I bring you The Lost Coast Trail.

The Lost Coast is an 80 mile stretch of the California coast where the builders of Highway 1 decided to go around the coast because it was to rough to build off of. This trail takes you down 26 miles of the Lost Coast starting at Mattole and ending at Black Sands Beach. This trail is basically one way so you will need to leave a car at the end (Black Sands Beach) and then drive back to the start of the trail. If you don't feel comfortable leaving your car there (it is about a 3 day hike) you can take a shuttle service. The shuttle service picks you up at Black Sand Beach and brings you back to Mattole for a small fee.

Points of Interest: 
Mattole Trailhead - The start of the trip. There is a bathroom and a water spigot here to fill your water bottle.
Punta Gorda Lighthouse - After hiking along the beach some ways you will come across this old abandoned lighthouse.
Cooskie Creek - A fantastic place to camp for the first night. 
Millers Flat - Great place to camp for the second night. Make sure you camp above the seaweed line and if you are lucky there may be some wooden shelters available. 

Amazingly Awesome Tips:
  • Make sure you buy a map and a tide table because some areas are impassible during high tide.
  • Make sure you bring Bear Canisters because there are a shit load of bears out here. Seriously though...... a shit load!
  • Bring sandals for stream crossing and high tide areas.
  • Bring extra socks because your feet will accidently get wet as you walk along the beach and there is nothing more annoying than wet socks.
  • Have a fun and enjoy the scenery!