Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fun Times at The Children's Museum

I recently took about 30 kindergartners to Boston's Children's Museum. I haven't been to this museum in about 20 years so I was excited to revisit my childhood all over again.  My kindergartners had a blast there and they were emotionally distraught when it was time to go back home.

When we first arrived at the museum we decided to go all the way up to the top floor and work our way down. Our first stop was the construction zone, where kids could play with building blocks, climb, and operate a mini bobcat. They absolutely loved this room, and had a great time wearing hard hats and crawling across a bridge hanging from the ceiling.  We then moved on to a music themed room that had lots of buttons and gadgets for the kids to touch.

The second floor was my kindergartners favorite floor. We immediately went into a room called Peeps World, and it looks like something from the mind of a child. The room is so colorful and innocent looking. On one side there is dark pathways were kids can use flashlights to make fun cool shadows. On the other side of the room are water stations were kids can "dig up buried treasure".

Some of my Kindergartners enjoying the water stations at Peep's World

From Peep's World we ended up in the land of Arthur and Friends. This exhibit in the museum is based off of Marc Brown's beloved children book series called Arthur. I found this exhibit to be the coolest because you do feel like you have been transported into a childrens book. There is Arthur's Auditorium where you can stand in front of a green screen and put on a show. However, if you are one of my kindergartners then you'll use that green screen to moon everyone watching. Another part of the exhibit that the kids seemed to really enjoy was a cockpit of a airplane. 

We moved down to the ground floor to explore some more exhibits. It was jammed packed with kids so we decided to take them outside so they could run around and hang out. Outside of the museum features a grassy knoll with one of the best views of the Boston skyline. Its such a great photo opt that I had to snag a few photos. 

I recommend the Children's Museum to anyone with kids 3-6. If you have older kids, they may get bored so I would just bring the little guys. Admission is $14 for adults and children ( a cheap price for a Boston attraction). The Museum is open Saturday - Thursday 10am to 5pm and Friday 10am to 9pm.