Wednesday, March 5, 2014

50 State Challenge - Maine

When you think of Maine you probably think of the famous Maine lobster, rocky coastline, and beautiful mountains. When you think of Maine, I can promise that you would never think of a desert.


Locate in Freeport, Maine is New England's one and only desert.  The Desert of Maine is 40 acres of exposed glacial silt (which is a sand-like substance, but much finer than sand) surrounded by a pine tree forest. 

Background Info:

The Desert of Maine came to be when the Tuttle family purchased it and began farming in 1797.  A poorly run farm combine with land clearance and overgrazing by sheep led to soil erosion. The soil erosion then led to the land exposing a dune of glacial silt that gradually spread and took over the farm land. In 1919, Henry Goldrup purchased the land from the Tuttles and converted it to the tourist attraction it is today.

Visiting The Desert:

As of right now (3/5/14) the desert is closed to the public but will be opened from May 6th - October 14th. The admission rates are broken down to into three categories. Adults have to pay $10.50, teens (13-17) pay $7.75 and kids pay $6.75. 

There are 30 minute tour rides starting at 9 am and the last one leaves at around 4:30 pm. The Desert of Maine also offers walking trails and marked nature trails and kids 12 and under can do a FREE gemstone hunt! A new butterfly room has been added and it comes included with the cost of entry. There is enough fun things to do here that it will keep the kids entertained for hours. 

Deserts Dunes of Maine Campground is set in the pine forest adjacent to the actual desert.  Campers receive a pass to explore the nature/walking trails, the Desert, the 1790s Tuttle Barn and its museum.  The 2014 Camping Rates can be found HERE 

95 Desert Rd. Freeport, ME 04032
Phone #: 207.865.6962