Tuesday, June 18, 2013

50 State Challenge - HAWAII

If you couldn't tell by now; I love Hawaii. I feel lucky to have visited this exotic state several times even though I live almost a half world away. Judging by most of these post, you could say that Maui is my favorite island. Most people would ask why because they believe Maui is too expensive and too touristy. I was hesitant at first to reveal my Maui secret, but then I figured why hide my paradise.

Located down Front Street in Lahaina is a gated community called Puamana. Puamana is filled with several small streets that are lined with condos. Some condos have a view of the mountains, some have a view of the ocean and some are located just feet away from the crashing waves of the Pacific.

My Condo 2012. Unit 254-4 Oceanfront
Every condo I have stayed in was oceanfront property and if you can afford it; do it. There is nothing better than waking up and walking 25 ft from your Lanai and stepping into the Pacific Ocean. Puamana offers you a private beach with decent waves to learn how to surf. If you don't want to experience the ocean for whatever reason, there are several pools located within this gated community.

View from my kitchen
Sitting on the Lanai is a million dollar view. The sunsets are almost too perfect to be true and you sometimes might see the infamous green flash. During the winter months you can see humpback whales jumping and playing from the Lanai and sea turtles are always visible no matter what time of year you decided to come.

Sunset over Puamana. August 2012
Every unit is completely different. Obviously those that live here year long have nicer looking units than those that are rentals. Some units look extremely outdated but I have to stress that all rentals are impeccably clean. My unit (254-4) was a nice 3 bedroom 2 bathroom condo. The master bedroom had a view so amazing that I guarantee no hotel on the island could rival it. 

View from the master bedroom.
If you want to enjoy Maui without all the crowds and tourists, I recommend you stay in Puamana. It has 3 swimming pools, private/uncrowded beach, 15 min walk from the hustle and bustle of Lahaina. What more could you want? Check out a this website for more info: PUAMANA RENTALS